Flesh and Buns - A first look

Just 9 months after introducing Soho to 'Rock n Roll ramen', Bone Daddies chef and founder Ross Shonhan has opened a 150 seat Izakaya-style restaurant in Covent Garden.  

I caught up with Alex Palumbo, bar manager to find out more about the drinks and his plans for the bar at Flesh and Buns.    

How did you get roped into this? 

I first met Ross when was working at Zuma. I bumped into him again when I was working with the Hakkasan group. Once I had finished launching the bar at Chrysan I was consulting and Ross asked me to join the team. 

How does the bar offering at Flesh and Buns tie into the overall concept of the place?

The philosophy of the Izakaya, a casual drinking spot where Japanese go to unwind, also extends to the bar here. Like the restaurant, my aim here is to keep it simple, nothing too complicated which is why you won't find any drinks with more than 3 elements to it. I also wanted to have a small spirits list - 20 max.

On the backbar we've got products that people will know - Hendricks, Stoli, and Havana, but also offer more premium pours such as Belvedere or Diplomatico Reserva if people demand it. 

And what style of drinks are you aiming to do here, is it more 'Neo-Tokyo' or 'Ginza Star Bar'? 

The drinks can broadly be classed as 'Classics with a Japanese twist'.

We're starting out with a selection which includes a Raspberry and Pineapple Cobbler, Sake Martini, Whisky Sour done using Japanese Whisky, a Julep with Shiso & Green Peppercorn and of course the frozen Yuzu Margarita - something I'm hoping to change this every week or every 2 weeks.

At £8-10 per drinks I think this is a very good price for something so unique.  

Will there be a focus on Sake?  

Of course, we've got some good Sake's here. The list is made up of one seasonal Sake (which will change every month or so), one sparkling Sake, two hot Sakes and 6 Sakes which we do by the glass or carafe (125ml / 360ml Carafe).  

 How about for non-drinkers? 

We've designed a really great homemade soda made using a tarragon and shiso syrup served out of a soda syphon.

We're planning to change this on a regular basis, as and when I get to experiment with more flavours. 

We're also doing teas from the Rare Tea Company, there'll be a full selection of green tea as well as English Teas. Perfect for enjoying with some of the heavier dishes we've got on offer here. 

Flesh and Buns opens today 

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