Coal Vaults


If last weeks weather has left you with the desire to hole up in an underground hideaway, then perhaps the Coal Vaults in Soho are the place for you.

'Cocktail heavy dining', the strap line for Coal Vaults makes no mistake about where on the Soho roadmap they'd like to appear. 

This (slightly claustrophobic) subterranean bolthole on Wardour Street prides itself on serving small plates (all priced between £4-£9) and an extensive list of cocktails (priced between £6 and £9.50) which are based on 'the best liquours (sic) and homemade infusions'. 

Certainly an 'intimate' space, the bar has been well lit and designed with an impressive copper bartop beset with pennies, across which some well balanced drinks are passed. This attractive offer has been made even sweeter by the recent introduction of 50% off all food and drink on Mondays

Perhaps unthinkable a few years ago, rocketing rents and sky high premiums mean that Soho subterranean dining sphere is increasingly popular. Sliderbar just a few streets down is turning a brisk trade thanks to the culinary efforts of the Breddos crew. Russell Norman and partner Richard Beatty have also recently exchanged on a 5,500sqft site in Walkers Court, a good proportion of which is at basement level.

As for Coal Vaults, I wish them all the best of luck. Soho is in need of good bars, however if this Summer is anything like that of 2013, they'll need to be in a strong position in order to survive lean weeks through July and August. As discerning as the Soho crowd may be, their love of sunshine and outdoor drinking means they prefer to revel outdoors if given the choice.

Coal Vaults
187 Wardour Street 
020 7434 1550    

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